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I believe in God, and my Christianity is not something I am ashamed of. I also am fond of reading and writing, animals, and coffee, and am always up for a deep conversation.

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20 December 2015

If 'the world is a stage, ' dear Shakespeare, I must admit: I am a terrible actress; this role set upon me may be over sooner than expected.

05 January 2016

Love resembles a beautiful rose... Many pass by it, Most kneel to it, Some prick their fingers with its malicious thorns, But few nurture it and let it grow...

20 January 2016

Pain is a fire that burns on our soul's weakness and leaves our bodies ashes on the barren ground.

01 February 2016

The winds inside of me are no longer as calm as they used to be; the breeze became a storm that thuds, destroying everything in its path -K.A.🍃

18 March 2016

She who loves with her all is bound to lose her all

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Fabrizio Frosini 27 December 2015

as a comment on one of your poems, I've written: a thoughtful, clever write - as the others you've posted at PH. You live in a city, in a country, where ''emotional and physical wounds'' are real facts.. You speak of real life, Kim.. And you're a talented writer. Really. Had I 'met' your poetry before, I would have invited you to join my project for a book titled 'POETRY AGAINST TERROR'. Maybe.. why not.. in a future project.. Keep on writing/posting! Blessings

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Dunia Bejjany 11 February 2016

You never fail to impress me I love all what you write, and I encourage you to keep on writing I wish you all the best You are a good soul who deserves only the best

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Mario Breidy 22 December 2015

Good evening, I just read your poems and wanted to leave a comment to express how strong, wise and talented you are. Your poems continue to impart a wisdom that few people will ever achieve. Today, I read all of them and it literally took my breath away. You're such a brilliant writer. Your vision of the world is realistic to a point that every single person who reads your paragraphs will directly relate them to his/her personal life. You're strong, i may not know what you're getting through while writing them but it shows that you truly are a strong and talented writer who experienced things no one ever did. And this is what making you who you are today. You're doing and awesome job and a really important impact on the society we live in today. Thank you. -Your #1 Fan

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Dunia Bejjany 06 April 2018

I know you have so much to share with us. We are waiting.

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Scott Brown 17 March 2018

Your writing is fantastic

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Roy Bayda 12 August 2016

I loved your artistic way of writing this. Reading it felt like reading poetry that takes you to a different dimension in oblivion. Keep up the good work and thanks for the beautiful thoughts

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Kassem Oude 06 May 2016

First you've great talent for writing and you perform the English. You've deep feelings and you're keen of goals and future, due to support of dead grandpa which still echo in your mind. You're promising writer and poet and I hope grand actress, go on! I am so glad we're granted the same ID!

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Md Anisur Rahman 05 May 2016

I like your all poems.Your poems includes Renaissance and love.

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2am Thoughts

Life ripped me apart, ripped away from me the only defense I sheltered behind. Life threw me overboard and used me as shark bait. Life mocked me and called me names, then laughed in my face after kicking me in the core.... But here I am - as strong as I've ever been, ready to fight back, and I owe it all to the amalgamation of different battles outside the battlefield. Life, follow me to the ring, where I'll show you who the master of me really is.

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Kim Aouad Popularity

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