Alexa Zelilah

Unfolded Love - Poem by Alexa Zelilah

Hey, you!
I hope you take the time of day
At the moment, if you have nothing to do
Just hear me out, okay?

It all started at the first of September
Mitzi gave me a heads-up about you
She said that you're charming, you're not a pretender
And you do all the things that guys normally do

But don't get me wrong
I didn't fall in love with you just yet
This story's kind of long
So I hope you're reading this whilst resting in your bed

When Mitzi told me you were charming
I expected that you really were
Don't get offended, cause I think you are
But you weren't THAT breath-taking

So after meeting you
My heart let you go
I thought you were the right one
But my love did not unfold

I don't know if it's a coincidence or not
But I once heard you sing
After 30 seconds, I've heard a lot
I've heard enough to buy you a diamond ring

After that scene,
I might seem a little bit keen
Cause the next thing I remember I'd do
Is to ask Mitzi some more about you

Turns out that you play games like COC and LOL
You're a great dancer and you play basketball
You're always nice and you show some respect
And you're not a person to ever neglect

Then I find myself going back to you
So if you look at clearly
I didn't fall in love with your looks
Rather your personality

After your video shoot, Mitzi told me something
She told me something which is breath-taking
Turns out that other girls also show you admiration
And this is one tough competition

But that didn't stop me
Cause you're worth fighting for
I didn't care about other people's heresy
Cause I finally admitted to myself that you're the one that I adore

Time passed by and I really thought I had a chance
When I log on to our chat box, all I see is "seen"
They just tell me to message you in advance
And it's okay, I don't think that you were tryna be mean

October passed by
The month of my birthday
You were supposed to come
But didn't cause you were too lazy

But in that day, what you didn't know
Rovic looked and acted like my beau
Turns out that he has a little crush
And things were a little bit rushed

It was weird, sudden, and uneasy
Did you know that I was thinking about you the whole time?
The tension felt kind of sleazy
But the least I can do is to abide

I know I have to stay, be loyal, and be true
So I told him that the one I truly love is you
I even had a hard time
Trying to get you off of my mind

There's a time when I wanted to move on
I forced myself to forget about you
But it only lasted for three days, now that idea is gone
I once again find myself thinking you're sumptuous

Then I heard a story
A story from Mitzi
It was about you and Choleen
And I thought that she was really mean
You guys had mutual understanding
And I thought she was really lucky
But then you saw something unpleasing to the eye
Turns out she was flirting with other guys

If I was her, I'll never let that happen
I'll never make it seem like it's the end
I'll make you smile as wide as you can
If you need help, I'll even lend a hand

You know that I'm anxious
And I'm insecure
But I'm not flirtatious
And never have I been before

I'm not trying to get your attention
And other things that are too many to mention
I wouldn't dare do anything to thicken the tension
But if you want, I can, I only need permission

Here's a time I opened up to you
By doing so, my feelings grew
I am scared waiting for your reply
Would you think that everything's a lie?

I'm letting you know, they are not lies
Cause if they are, would I tell you about my hives?
I even told you about my problems
Even showed you my scars and bruises

You're one of those people that I can trust
Even though "seenzone" is just a hindrance
But I still message you and test my luck
Even if I know that you won't respond back

Then they told me that you go absent for a day
Just because you're idle or you laze
But it's okay, nobody's perfect
About this, I wouldn't ever be demented

Even though you're lazy
And you're fond of "seenzones"
I can't force myself to give up
Cause I know that the reasons are not enough

Then there's something that I've heard
The reason why you're afraid to love again
You're afraid that girls may end up hurt
And once that's done, you'll automatically think that you're the reason

It's okay, you cant hurt me no more
Cause I've already been hurt a thousand times before
I'm used to living in this cycle
Until it comes to the point where it's already ample

There was once again a time
When I tried to get you off of my mind
But my feelings came back
In less than a snap

She told me some more about you
Sometime during the afternoon
You can sing really high
And some of them are songs that I don't like

Then here comes the day
The day where Rovic asked Gillian out
You never noticed me, not even once
And I'm saying that without a doubt

I told CJ and Mitzi to make a move for me
But they just would not even if I said please
But its okay, I am not narked
Cause its not like the situation is stark

After that, I went home with Mitzi
but here's a twist, I also wen with Choleen
I kept on asking her questions while we're in the taxi
Dont worry, I wasnt tryna be mean

I asked her questions about the both of you
Every answer I got, my heart was being abused
But I just smiled and pretended it was nothing
And then I continued with my questioning

When we reached Mitzi's house
both she and I were aroused
we talked outside in the veranda
and you were our top agenda

A day after that,
I've been thinking about you a lot
I've been trying to figure out
Whether I should give this early or not

I finally have a decision
But one requirement is juxtaposition
nah, I'm just joking, we don't need that
I probably won't even need a scat

After writing this very long poem
I'm not sure if I should still keep my love going
Even if lots of things become mistakes
Just take note that my love for you will stay the same

I remember asking you a question
About how I should confess my feelings for my crush
You said that I should avoid the tension
And being proud of him is a must

So that's what I did
What I did for you
I talk about you a lot
Even when I'm inside the classroom

In order to be proud, I told everyone
Cause you said that it will turn you on
But I just can't get myself to tell it to you
Because they say that I shouldn't make the first move

Now you know
What I'm really feeling inside
But after this I'm letting you go
I'm only doing what I think is right

Let's be honest
We would never be close
There's no need for protest
Cause I'm not the one you chose

Even if we don't talk
Just remember that
I always have had
Or will still have feelings for you

Topic(s) of this poem: crush, love, romance, romantic, teen

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Okay, so, this is the first ever poem that I wrote which wasn't a requirement. Its about this guy that I used to like. So this guy, let's use the letter J, is my bestfriend (M) 's classmate. And one time, they were having a dance video shoot thingy so I and my other friends decided to come along. Then that's when I met J. His dancing skills kind of turned me on so, yea...: P BTW, Rovic is my friend who used to have a crush on me. And Gillian is his current crush x'DDD Also, this is my first poem here! : D I love writing poems, so expect a weekly post AHAHAH


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  • Dr.tony Brahmin (1/8/2016 5:44:00 AM)

    Very nice love poem. its struggle, longings, wishes, desires
    cares, pain, sufferings, . jealousy, being unsure. lack of security. all these facts which are normal in a love affair you have pictured here. we expect more of your poems. thank you very much. tony
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