Unheard Witness Poem by Suresh Raavi

Unheard Witness

Do you hear her?
She tells your story all the time

All day she waits for you,
Exhausts your tiredness without moving
She listens to your daily life,
And the world's stories
She hides your secrets from the world

She witnesses your generations,
Collects your parents' breaths
She kissed your childish feet
And witnessed when you became steps for your child

She witnesses your life with your sweetheart,
Becomes wet for your tears, and joy of your smiles
She shows you like a mirror,
And becomes an address for your existence

She shields you from the world's exasperations,
And she's with you even in destruction
Look at her and listen to her,
She craves a whole-hearted touch

Now, do you hear her?
Yes, true…
She is your room.

Give her warm, affectionate touches,
And then you'll hear the splashes of holy souls
That will enlighten your life.

Saturday, February 11, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: love,home,memories,emotions,introspection,gratitude,appreciation,relationships
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