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The immutable silence...
Trapped in an air cage

Ages of waiting…

The old rains
Becomes rivers and streams
But, for ages
A few tiny drops

When they left me by my skin tone,
I am not alone.
My color is still with me
And gives me an identity.

Oh, Messenger of mine,
From the depths of sorrow and pain,
You've emptied my soul, made it barren and vain,
Left me to wander, lost in the rain.

As I am discovering my newness in antiquity,
Looking at my impressions on the winds,
That found rest on leaves of yore,
I see myself as a new leaf,

Do you hear her?
She tells your story all the time

All day she waits for you,

How many wings can you cut
To stop the flight of birds?
Their freedom lies in the power
Of their wings, in these words.

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Expressing my feelings through poetry is a hobby that I thoroughly enjoy. However, I've come to realize that my own thought processes can sometimes act as barriers, preventing me from truly understanding my inner voice. Right now, I'm working on breaking down those barriers and gaining a clearer insight into my own emotions.)

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A Journey Into Purity

The immutable silence...
Trapped in an air cage

Ages of waiting…
Depositing on the sound of engraved snowflakes

O wanderer, Please come
This is the time to come

O wanderer,
Come soon and complete your Metamorphosis
Like an endless lightning
And give rest to the darkness,
That has been guarding the small lamp for ages

O wanderer,
This is the time to come
And Warmly awaken the cool sound
That is solidifying into the great silent state

O wanderer,
Breath in the time
On the banks of the ocean of purity
Feel the greenery
That enhanced with fresh breezes
And the flavor of friendship

O wanderer, translate
The Charge of the rain
That has settled on the eyelid
To the wings of a butterfly
And become the endless liberty

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Suresh Raavi Popularity

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