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I walk alone
along a long road
people walk by
not stoping to say hi
no one notices me walking
occationally people will look at me with an unspoken word
i keep walking
i feel so cold
so alone
most people walk in pairs

everyone has a counter part
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Ashley Anderson 26 January 2006

forget about all those other ppl...hey im not all that noticed either...but hey i know where my place is...i mean im not like in some 'group' or w/e at school...i kinda hang with ppl from all different 'groups' and yea i know your talking about not having a guy...i dont either, but hey it'll happen one day or another...this is how i see it, if someone wants you that badly, they'll come get you...i mean my ex was my first bf and i havent had one since him, and always asked me why not and i tell him well theres a few reasons, one being that if someone wants me, they'll come get me like you did, and b/c i dont think any guys at my school like me...most of them proll think of me as a friend rather then a gf, but w/e anyway its a good poem! and you'll be noticed one day soon! so no worries. Ashley

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Jeffrey Spahr-Summers 25 January 2006

Yes, you are! Jeff

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