Dawn Kunath

Rookie (Sept.25,1995 / Ohio)

Unseen Love - Poem by Dawn Kunath

As the moon begins to rise high in the night sky,
I watch your breaths become raspy gasps as your life begins to fade.
My tears run down my cheeks in rivers of salt,
and I keep hoping that you will stay here with me forever.
To the dark heavens I scream and beg that you will not die,
but deep inside I feel that Heaven is not one I can persuade.
My heart is torn and broken and I feel your death's my fault,
and with his blade, Death our love can never sever.

Your life is fading faster every hour,
and my soul is being torn in two.
This is not fair that you should be taken from me,
why you and not me I don't understand.
Please don't leave me like a wilted flower,
my love for you shall reach beyond the gap you flew.
I cling to your icy hands and feel your life flee,
I wish I could hold your life back from the destiny the Fates have planned.

No matter how hard I tried to save your life,
Death still took you away from my heart's embrace.
The tears flow harder down my cheeks,
and all I can do now is rest my head upon your still breast and weep.
I being mortal was unable to keep away Death's reaping knife,
though I will join you as soon as I can in your resting place.
My eyes are overflowing with my heart's swollen creeks,
now I wonder how I shall survive if my sorrow becomes too deep.

Time became foggy in my already jumbled mind,
I no longer had sense of day and night.
I don't know how long I lay beside your cold body,
and I have no idea how they found us in the woody clearing.
I remember fighting back when they tried to take you as though I were blind,
like a mad and rabid animal I refused to give up the fight.
You and I are entwined tighter than anybody,
and my wrath at you being taken from me was searing.

They tried to calm me down but it was all in vain,
for no one will be able to bring back the one that was stolen.
I am an unforgiving shell that used to be alive,
yet with the death of my beloved I can no longer live my life.
There is no way I can forgive when there is nothing but pain,
and all my tears still flow from my eyes so swollen.
Soon I will take the fate of my love and take the plunging dive,
for in my heart my sorrow stabs deeper than Death's reaping knife.

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