Dennis Mzwakhe Pitso

Untold Stories - Poem by Dennis Mzwakhe Pitso

Life delivering resemblance of the past like a deja-vu
Taste sour like a lemonade because you don't choose your fate
Heaven a promise but we forgot it has a gate
Even God's approval won't accommodate sinners like me
I ink with vain, hoping it will downpour so that I can clean the wound
Drowning in a suicidal routine, facing a cloud of unanswered questions
Pocketing weapons since dreams are severe to carry
But not ready to face death because deep down my deeds are not diluted
Yet I remain blind to the picture of triumph because my appetite is one of a coward
Though I witness Karma in the judgement of my community, the flash is taken for what it is worth to the graveyard
Don't forfeit my true story because its the clot that's darkens the untold
Longing for a sunny side but when the request get's bulky I relapse back to the stimulant
Actualizing an addiction because sobriety is my new foe not my new hoe
Stumbling upon the uncorrected past & ready to play a blame game
Shamed to be called 'the diamond in the rough' when I'm destined to rust
Sight yucky like a bullet striking John Lennon's head
Boooong...One shot, the dawn of ignorance just undertook
So we develop rugged mentality until we become bullet proof to pain
Temptations flooding my brain like a born sinner who trying to find God
Only to find out that cartoons and christians share similar character flaws
Mask on when he preaches and the sermon is deeply drained
Mask off when he leaches out of their tamed pipe dreams
Though we say heaven could swallow a phorny
We screw religion when we get horny
Sensing dry response from my Momma, I'm forced to trust my own shadow
But when the dawn begins I'm misled
Yesterday, today & tomorrow are just blank days of our lives because they crown me with the same chain of events
So when it get's heavy,
Don't give me a pen; my tear drop will wet the script like she just came
How can we share the same sentiment if I own keys to abandoned doors?
Future unlocks right before my flash
Steel curtains thus I can't experience the glimpse of light
Its like trying to find myself in the lost world
Living but not learning while I'm crushing and burning
Ceasing to come back stronger, I come back more evil than the devil fused with a ruthless rebel carrying a gravel to prove I'm underground and that my poetry resurrect from the dead breed and I'm here to stitch figure of speeches and master wordplay with my untold story

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Poem Submitted: Monday, January 14, 2013

Poem Edited: Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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