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Upon Darkness

Rating: 5.0

Upon the fall of darkness it shall be well learned that you have gotten what you so rightly deserve. Whether it be praise of the utmost high or you fall into soul crushing blackness and die. For when he comes to rise all the lies we have told will be revealed and no longer will you be able to conceal your true self. For he will see straight through your mask and into your very soul and judge you accordingly. Now this being I speak is not one of kindness or fogiveness but a spirit of vengenace and judgement. If you are truly a good person you shall be spared whilst all others should now learn to be scared. This being doesn't believe that people can change and while strike down all those he deems to be sinners or vile. He will come before you as a figure that much resembles death but flames both black and red burn from his eyes. If you are deemed to fall he will reach for you with his left hand, a claw almost nothing but bone, and with a single touch you will be given such pain that he deems appropriate for your sins then your soul shall be his. Upon the day that he will rise so very many sinners that claim to be saints will die. And the darkness will cover all the land, a shadow cast from Brayock's hand.