G. Silver

Upon Seeing You Again After A Week All Alone And To Myself - Poem by G. Silver

Upon seeing you again after a week all alone and to myself,
I am once again struck by your youness,
The all encompassing Sparkle and Wit of your mind.

You have tanned, yes you have,
Or at least freckled under the hot Cuban sun.
(Calenture, one can hope, was no fate of yours)

You toiled, heart, and you've done the world such good.
I'm proud of you. I am proud of you.

If only I could have seen you out there!
I picture it now (as you described it to me) :
Running around with cinderblocks,
Kerosene, chain-link, and tanked...
The last part didn't even worry me,
And I was quick to go and forgive you.

(I wonder if you thought of me
Quite as much as I of thee)

It suits you well - saving the world.

Sometimes I can be so proud of you!
You, with your Spanish and your
blue eyes, your gobbledygook...
And a painting tan on your wrist!
Oh! How things were meant to be!

You bought me a bracelet, silly heart,
I am no bracelet person,
And cannot bear such drugstore frivolities...
But I love each bead more than the world.
(I touch it now and picture your
perfect white teeth -
I feel absurd)

I'm like that right now though, just... open
Even more than your eyelid smile which said:
'Don't you remember? We are friends.'
And stares blankly and calmy into my face,
Drawing me up and into my love cloud,
Further still and further still...
Until I get the courage to ask if you'll please visit me sometime,
(Especially if they are still in France) .

I'm so glad you are back from Cuba!
I'm so very proud of you sometimes.

I wish I could just like you.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Poem Edited: Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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