Uto-Aztecan Sweet Smelling Peace Poem by Kimberly Burnham

Uto-Aztecan Sweet Smelling Peace

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"Koppa" is quiet or calm
in Uto-Aztecan
and for the Arizona Yaqui
"kopalai" fill the still quiet peacefulness
while "kopan" symbolizes
resting and relaxing

In the Mayo language
"kópana" means
to take a nap
and in Comanche
"tokobo'niitï" comes back around
to calm and quiet

"huCpi" is Uta-Aztecan peaceable
or is a good match
while in Hopi
"hopi" means behaving
peaceable and polite
hopi kwakwha also means
tamed peaceful tranquil
gentle easygoing

The Uto-Aztecan meaning of peaceable sink subside
is carried in the Nevome word "huputuda"
"huppi" is peaceable behave
sink go down in Northern Uto-Aztecan
Nevome "hupi" from "sïppï" for cold
and fresh
The Pima de Yepáchic say "kepg"
is likable, pleasant while
in the Tepiman branch of Uto-Aztecan
"kïpa" is ice and snow

"tek-lu" or "teklu"
stops the rain and wind
quiet and still
in Cahuilla where
"teklu-ne" causes one to leave alone
leave in peace

The way you would leave a skunk in peace
"úpiso sahumar" making a place safe
or peaceable place with incense or smoke
in Eudeve or Dohema,
a Uto-Aztecan language in the TaraCahitan branch
while the Guarijio "upáni" means
smell, incense smoke
and ties into "hupa" skunk

Sunday, April 22, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: calm,peace day,peaceful,relaxing,smelling,sweet,words
Dr Antony Theodore 22 April 2018

stops the rain and wind quiet and still calmness, inner peace. sweetness. so many points to collect from this poem . thank u. tony

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