Njousi Abang

Vandalism - Poem by Njousi Abang

In quest of a livelihood
In quest of fun and pride
In an attempt to stay alive
In order to satisfy our sadistic desires
Thousands of wild animals and trees
Fall prey to our destructive tendency.

There is weeping everywhere in the jungle
As animals; protected and unprotected species
Fall victim to human machinations and die.
There is wailing and more destruction
As human beings fell huge trees
Which fall on other flora and fauna
And kill them by the gross, as mankind
Rejoices for his short-term gains.
All they care about is the here and now.
The future will take care of itself.

The rate of consumption of these
Flora and fauna in our society
Leaves one with doubts
As to what the future holds
And why there is so much folly
Everywhere as people's
Cravings for these endangered
Species keep increasing without
A corresponding replacement.

MINFOF and its partners
Have been checking excesses to no avail.
Can't we realize how much harm
We are doing to our ecosystem
And the future generation
That may never know or see
What we are making
Extinct by our greedy nature
And uncaring attitudes?

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 13, 2012

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