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Verselandia 2012 - Poem by Kendall MarliaCooper

Verselandia 2012
Students of the 147 year old desks,
Students today we will discuss the urban legend of the white man who jumped,
Yes the white man who leaped just to grasp cold steel.
He however could not dunk a basketball,
He however could not grab a goal post,
No what chilled his palm was the ice from the eyes of those he told,
See this white man could not just jump but rap,
The fable tells of those who laughed and rolled on the floor,
Eyes swelled up with amusement.

He however was not so,
He was busy working on his flow,
The kind of noise,
In which gave him his poise,
In which let him explain to his boys,
Explain the message he wished to put in place,
The message he could deliver as though it were face to face,
But it was not face to face,

No he confidently rose out of the shadow of which cloaked him,
The bubble in which enclosed him,
Leaving vulnerable for fans to attack him,
They didn't though,
Instead they applauded as though waiting for a show,

Just as confidently as the man arose they cheered not knowing if it would be an abomination,
They optimistically hoped for a sensation,
The very think they crave…a domination.
They cheered as though the composed shell was the flag of our nation,
He soaked in the adoration.
Not out of inner confidence,
Only my outer shell would give you that sense,
The little boy inside was quivering like the bottom lip of a trauma victim,
So scared that he wished he could run,

Confidently my outer core cleared its throat,
To let my fire breath its needed air to present my magical quote,
My words in which I choked and gagged on as my inner little boy showed.
He had been playing hide n' seek,
His teenage stink made the rest of my dribbled words reek,
The utter thought of what I would receive in the end shook me,
Yes if you didn't catch on this is about me,
The white man who jumped and grasped the steel,
The man who prematurely took hold of the wheel,
And crashed his car of which were his dreams,
Seconds spill out like light from car beams,
The clock ticked down,
Huston had counted me down until my first word proved launch sequence,
However this mission crashed back down like Challenger.
And after all these 2 minutes of failure you know what shocked me the most?
The reception I got from her.
The warm applause as I had tip toed with the devil and lost,
Yet at what cost?
She imbrassed me with a hug,
From that moment on the white boy who couldn't rap had the bug,
From that moment on the white boy who jumped could do nothing but smile,
And wish he could stay for a little while longer.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

written just after my very first poetry slam and freezing up on stage

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, May 17, 2012

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