Francis Duggan

Vincent Van Gogh The Artist - Poem by Francis Duggan

He struggled on through life with a mental illness a marvellous artist his mind was in strife
In his thirty seventh year in the year 1890 the great Vincent Van Gogh he took his own life
Others they made millions out of his works of genius but the poor Dutchman he died in poverty
Yet many experts claim he is the greatest and few if any are as great as he.

Supported for many years by his brother Theo but his mental illness on him took it's toll
For many years he struggled as an artist his genius bloomed but his was a troubled soul
The greatest ever artist of his Nation yet he died without a penny to his name
And others have made millions from his paintings good luck to them though it does seem a shame

That the artist himself died poor and disappointed but such is life and life can be unfair
In life he struggled without recognition but out of art dealers he created many a millionaire
For his greatness he never was rewarded the greatest artist many experts say
Only National Galleries and billionaires own Van Gogh paintings his works of art are worth millions today.

He was afflicted with a mental illness and at his own hand he died as a young man
The success he yearned for him eluded during his brief and his troubled life span
The greatest from a Nation of great artists Vincent Van Gogh is now known Worldwide
But through his life he was beset by troubles and as a disappointed man he died

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 8, 2008

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