Isyaffi Md Isah

Viral Note Poetry - Poem by Isyaffi Md Isah

Rambling wanderings of a fevered mind,

in search of a starburn shine…

I stood by the entrance of the enchanting greens,

Only to find emptiness within,

the fishes swam by with broken fins,

the children ran wild yet made no din…

My fire has burnt out, I've lost all feelings,

hollowed out of hopes and innocent dreamings…

I wish a part of me knew the depths of my heart,

So that I can move on with my complicated life.

My hopes and dreams fades away it seems,

till the surrounding darkness was awaken

by a spark of light that redeems

this shattered and empty soul

warming my heart out of it's cold…

An angel appeared out of the sky so gold

clearing my mind out of the hatred so old

in an instance I did an action so bold

I could almost hear the tattooing of drum rolls

as I took the first step ahead, the picture unfolds

The anger kept within imploded as the story was told…

Like a lightning bolt, happiness was struck into me

with a flash of sudden realisation into the truth of beauty

In your eyes I see the missing pieces of me,

and in your scars lies your true beauty…

A feather from your wing floats down to me

a gift in departure to mark your memory

the time we've spent I keep with me

to be asking more, I feel so unworthy…

Not wanting to hope

the results might be upsetting,

can't help but to wish

for what my heart is not getting,

no more do I want to be burnt out this way,

clawing at the walls looking for an escape

Down on my knees I hope and I pray

"Dear God, please, let this not be my fate"…

I took a chance and I hoped for the best

but the results were not what I expected

Ignorant to what might simply be a test,

my actions simply made things complicated…

A choice to be made to determine my fate,

a struggle of reasons between my heart and my head…

Undeserving of that ray of light,

let me succumb to the darkness around me

In this safe box, my heart feels just right

maybe, only then it would be free…

But is this security that I feel, real,

when I have already been gifted so much more?

And knowing that what I have been given is still

there, waiting to be reclaimed as mine, again, once more…

I looked.

I touched.

I felt.

I smiled.

And I knew…

this is it.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is a co-operative piece done by a few close friends together with me some time last year on Facebook. I am glad that it formed so well coming from 4 different persons with differing writing styles. Hope everyone reading this enjoys it as much as we did writing it. :)

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 17, 2012

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