Waiting To Die Poem by Precious Okidika

Waiting To Die

I shall be dead
Lost in the certainty of time.
Upon earth face
I will seize to exist
Lying peaceful upon my death bed
Not conscious of time nor place nor men.
The world in a moment would cease to be
Its beauty, its grace vapours gone.
I would not hear those who gossip me
Nor those you sing my praise.
I shall not even know where I am
Or with whom I lay
I shall not know whence I’m taken
Nor the places my body
But I am not afraid to be dead.

I am waiting to die,
Toiling each day with its certainty,
Through the thicket of age
It makes its way towards me
Like a lion set to devour a hapless prey.
I cling to the knowledge of this and live each day as my last
Grateful for every moment of my life
I do not know when death will break that thicket
Or whether it shall crawl towards me
Or plunge on me with sudden might
But this much I know, I am not afraid to die
For I daily make my life straight
Making the best from what I have,
Enjoying day hopefully until the day I die.

Precious Okidika

Precious Okidika

Port harcourt, Nigeria.
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