Freshman - 685 Points (5th March 1992 / Bhubaneswar)

Wanna Be Kid Once Again - Poem by SWETA LEENA PANDA

oh my mom
I wanna be Ur little kid once again
can you pray for me before your God
Some images still etches in my eyes
How you all take my all Decisions
I was the princess for my dad
& how you dress up me
as i couldn't do anything by myself
There was no Race issue
No arguing or fighting about who will stand the fast in the class
No tension about Money issues
As it was always handled me whenever I want
My all requirements are always fulfilled
I never feel anything empty
I hate to be growing old
Sometimes i wanna stop that 'aging' issue
which has only power to stop my growing tissues
i know it's impossible
still i wish for
oh my mom
can i say something to you?
I feel like i miss something
Every time a tension kills me inside
What's your future?
I wanna to go back to my childhood days
There was a magic in my daddy's hand
How I always defeated in chess game
I was tempted after that
& every time i decide not to play again
Nobody was prettier than u & dad.
it was really so funny
How I always waited for Saturday & Sunday morning cartoons
How the princess tales were my favorite
Snow-white & cinderella & tom & jerry I watched most
Sunday was my happiest day of all
as it tension free day
No teacher, no parents scold you for homework
Still drawing class was there but I too love my drawing aunt
As she always gave me good grades in my arts
Which I loved most
I remind how I couldn't control my emotions
& kissed on her chick
Whenever she gave me good marks
In return I always got two more kisses form my great drawing aunty
she was really so cute & loving lady
Still some cruel teachers were there
who gave us heavy homework for Sunday
& most of time I hate to do that
I knew everything but I was so lazy to do it as homework
It was really funny
how I punished & act like crying
as our mind worked fast
we always got different ideas how to escape from the teachers
Some teacher were really very kind hearten
still some were very cruel
It was so funny
how we called different teachers in our unique name
That was really amazing time
How our every mistakes were always forgiven by others
No tension to world & no one matters
Only matters love
oh my mom
I miss those days
I wanna go back
Now the life became a busy schedule
Now there is a great fear to do any mistake
Problems in every steps
Sometimes my State of mind Wrinkles showing
Life is unkind
I feel like its really full boring
Nothing to enjoying
Tension for your duty & life achievements
Sometimes I feel let's enjoy the life
Forget it all
Now I only wish for enjoying life
I will try my best as I can
As it is very short
but I always believe childhood life is best life ever
As balloons & pillow were the ultimate weapon
Worst fight was between your own siblings
That was also so funny
how we fought in a small matter
Fight also converted into love in a few second
your parents were your great protectors.
Really you don't have to take any tension
When I growing older
Fight meaning is changed
Which can take many lives & the main weapon is nuclear bomb
The fight is now in between two religion & two nations
This is the worst & even if silly as I think
Which unnecessarily take many lives?
That's why I love my childhood day
as that was the best
there was no difference between us
as we all were same
no religion matters & no person
only matters friendship & love
oh my mom
Can you give me back my childhood days
It's my only request before you
& even if before my lord
As I know it's not possible
But yes I can pray for a healthy world
with lots of love & mutual understanding
another wish before my lord
to convert the mind & heart of adult
In to a child heart
Because a child is a message for love & peace
That's why I would love to be a KID once again! ! !
oh my mom can you promise me
to pray about this matter in front of your lord
it's my great message to all the human being

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