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Watch Out For False Preachers And False Teaching! - Poem by Shaila Touchton

Modern Preachers open new churches claiming to have divine revelations from God yet have thousands of Bible Interpretations and different denominations.
They claim to be the followers of Jesus Christ and yet they teach thousands of different contradictory "gospels."
They say that they are Bible believing Church, yet they preach conflicting doctrines.
They claim to be One True Church yet they are dividing Christ body through denominations.
They profess faith in Jesus Christ, but have no regard for the divine law and they are only man pleasers not God.
They call Jesusas 'Lord, ' but they practice lawlessness and adultery.
Bible says Freely you have received, freely give but these Pastors are prophets for hire, all making money off the ministry.
Gods word to be preached freely but yet these pastors sell millions ofbooks andsermons to people all over the world.
God says to serve each other as humble servants but these pastors are acting like Kings and leaders above everyone and are busy in accumulating wealth.
Jesus Have No Money and Set an Example of Poverty for Us to Follow but Modern preachers have million dollar homes, luxury lifestyles, many branded cars, private jets.
Jesus was building the kingdom of God but Modern Falsepastors are building the kingdom of wealth and material stuff in this world.
Jesus had conferences at Sermon on the Mount but He never charged fees to anyone but crooked false Pastors/Preachers are having expensiveHyped Conferencescharging huge entry fees in the Name of Revival, Bible conferences and retreats etc
Jesus taught nothing on tithing, there is no mention of income, interest, dividends, wages, etc or any other form of money but False Pastors teaching about tithing is mandatory requirement based almost entirely on man's ideas and not God's Word.
Tithing was only on agricultural items during Old testamentand during modern times Tithing is made mandatory requirement in the form of money by these greedy preachers.
Jesus commands all of His disciples to sell all and give it awayto the poor but False preachers are usingfalse doctrine of tithing that is used in Apostate Christendom today.
In the Old testament, a portion of the tithe was meant to be used for the poor and widows and but now these false teachers are using for building their church as mega churches and to live luxurious life styles and to abuse Gods wealth for their own greed.
Bible says it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven then how can arich pastor preach the gospelfor when it's difficult for himself to enter tokingdom ofheaven.
False Preachers are false because they erroneously spread lies from their own over active imaginations and disregard God's truth.j
Jesus said Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven, but Pastors keep getting wealthy by preying on the weak to get money even though Jesus nor his disciples were rich in money and wealth.
These greedy pastor's love of money distorts the true gospel prey on tons of struggling people and burden the congregation for providing for a rich pastor.
These false preachers who come to churches in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. They are false teachers, evil workers, spread a message that endorses and encourages ungodly behavior, promoting immorality.
These false teachers spread their lies through deceitful means, all the while pretending to be followers of Jesus Christ by corrupting the gospel and contaminate it with doctrines that emanate from the dark recesses of their hard hearts led into deception by his damnable doctrines.
These are the false Preachers gifted and talented people who deceitfully use the name and gospel of Jesus Christ for recognition, power and money pretending to be true ministers of God andbut prophesy out of their own imagination and they do not serve God.
They perform great signs and miracles because they are associated with demons, have no affiliation with Christ and His gospel even though they may speak volumes about Jesus and salvation. They are the agents of darkness who came to deceive and enslave men and work in Gods Vineyard for money.
They pretend to work for God and their works are against the word of God and His purposes giving wrong prophesies to make money, to perform fake miracles and lead others astray even though Gods word says Gods spirit will not allow us to go astray and Jesus will plainly tell them Away from me, youevil doers, I never knew you.
These preachers operate churches thwart Gods word to draw others away from Gods word and they work for devil and follow the deceiving spirits and doctrines of devils and those who follow them are sincerely deceived risking their souls.
These Preachers do not have a heart of Shepard and they serve flock for gain and to cause division and scatter the sheep.
These Preachers come in the Name of Jesus Christ and will deceive many even the elect. Their musicians who sing for devil pretending to be singing for God and their congregation are misled.
These preachers pretended to be holy and godly but inwardly they are filled with sexual immorality, adultery, pride, love of the world and have lost anointing and are after strange Gods to get negative powers.
These Ministers also preach partial bible and mostly expresses personal opinions and they justify their false doctrine by misusing God's grace.
Some Pastors use the church service to pick on other denominations and condemn them, making false charges against other denomination calling them whore of Babylon, False prophets, Antichristetc

Their Churches are claiming to be true Bible based Church, yet wearing different names and teaching different doctrines having human founders.
These pastors claim to obey the Bible, obey the gospel, obey the truth, yet they cause divisions among brothers and teach hatred towards other denominations or churches.
These preacher's teachings have become the stumbling block to Jews and Greeks and to the church of God.
we will be known by our fruits, evidenced in the way that we love one another but those who teach hate in their congregation for other denominations how would that preacher or his congregation demonstrate love for one another? .
These pastors claiming to be saved and yet have lost their souls and are rebellion against God, believing that they are pleasing to God.
These preachers hold the Bible up and say, "We preach the Bible that they are sowing seeds of hatred in the minds of their followers and are dividing the kingdom of God.
These preachers want to interpret Baptism by different methods, Holy communion by different methods and they want you to get baptized in their church in their denomination instead of Baptizing the people in the Name of the Father, son and Holy Spirit in Jesus Mighty Name.
These Preachers of different denominations who are accusing other churches are violating Gods command and have become accusers of brethren violating to love one another and to come in unity with Christ as Christ died for all.
Many false pastors have disguised themselves as the apostles of Christ; and they appear to be very enthusiastic workers of God, ministers of righteousness; butactually, they are being the servants of Satan have the appearance of sanctity, but inwardly they are evil, greedy, corrupted, dangerous, sex starved hypocrites, boastful, manipulative, exploitative bearing evil fruits which of devil.
False prophets and teachers are there which we are seeing around us who a causing division in church, preaching lukewormness and ungodliness in their churches and compromising moral standards.
These False preachers wrongly interpret by twisting the Scriptures and taking out of context and preaching their own denomination by teaching another gospelwith their false visions and false miracles which is not of God.
Their Preaching of gospel has no power to save anyone from sin because they are empty boasters, promote, exalt, and glorify themselves because the preachers themselves have a form of godliness, preaching what people want to hear, not what God wants them to hear and avoiding the issues of sin and its consequences, repentance, regeneration, holy living, hell, and judgment.
Love the truth, Study God's word diligently, examine every doctrine and Let the Holy Spirit guide us all.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, November 20, 2017

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