Diana Rosser

Watching - Poem by Diana Rosser

I watched from off the sofa seat
high backed beside the sliding doors,
that window on the garden neat
raked and pruned by winter chores,
the white sky fall
upon the ground.
I watched all day the quiet sound.

I watched the swift white gulls soar high
beneath and through the falling flakes,
their black tipped wings against the sky
a symphony with no harsh breaks.
I watched all day
the quiet sound
fall soft upon the frozen ground.

I watched the red breast robin hop
along the brown and slatted fence
swoop down upon the seeds that dropped
into the gathering white pretence
that did transpose
the frozen ground.
I watched all day the quiet sound.

I watched the blackbird chase away
a rival for his garden throne
return and watch his lady play
where his orange break had shown
the bounty in
the fallen snow
I watched his rival come and go.

I saw the blue tits dart and dash
in and out the ivy cover
and great tits, shinning sleek and flash
larger than their little brother
gather seeds from
mesh hung snow
I saw their colours come and go.

I watched the stripped brown sparrows' line
that drew itself along the fence
sparser now than previous time
but still full in its homeliness
share together
in harmony
the food upon the feeder tree

I saw parakeets shrunken cold,
immobile in the floating white
the newest to the garden fold,
watch too the changing winter sight
their glist'ning hue
like fresh green paint
brushed silent by the snows restraint.

I watched the red face goldfinch hang
orgasmic on the Niger seeds
the raiding speckled starling gang
fight and squabble on iron trees
I sat and watched
the snowflakes thin
did nothing else, not a thing.

I saw the dappled finches' wing
fall Chaffinches down from the trees
then flap across the white rising
that swirled in gusts upon the breeze
I watched all day
the white sky fall
did nothing else, nothing at all.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, January 19, 2013

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