Chikere Zakka

Watching You Go - Poem by Chikere Zakka

I could have told you no, not to leave
When you left, you ripped a big part of me
I could have, but didn’t because I knew it’d be wrong
It’s like trying to love you when sadness is our favorite song
We could have been, forever, together, I mean really
But looking at things hurting you, it just kills me
So there for I had to let you go
Even though you never found out how much I loved you, you’ll still never know
You see now why I couldn’t let you stay
I love you with all my soul, but it pains me to say,
You were ignorant, blind, self absorbed, such a fool
You didn’t see how much I really cared for you
It’s like trying to catch water; it slides right through your fingers
You shouldn’t have been there, you shouldn’t of lingered
But you did and that’s why it hurts so much now
If you had stopped to think about us, you could have found,
We were meant to be, incredibly, inseparably
But now you walking even farther away from me and I sit and watch quietly
It hurts me when you’re here and it hurts me when you’re away
Even your friends said you wouldn’t even stay
But I ignored them because I knew it was true
It’s like trying to be healthy when you know you got the flu
Now you’re so far away I can’t see you anymore
I just hear your footsteps echoing so softly, I strain to listen, even though it’s making me sore
I’ll never forget you, and you better not forget me
Cause I will always be your one and only, no one can ever replace what we had indefinitely

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Poem Submitted: Monday, December 28, 2009

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