Alfred Barna

We Need Each Other - Poem by Alfred Barna

There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed
Open up the arts that you have cast concealed
What you have done and what you have made
Turning the world, and all life into a charade
Something has got to be done to your kind
We can no longer afford to leave our souls blind
This world is not yours to take from and make your own
This life of everyone is a gift, given on loan
But you are not the giver of mankind, or of our dreams
Your hate will be washed away, in conscious streams
You will be made plain, to be the assassin and the thief
You will be marked for whom you are, source of our grief
Every time you try to speak a lie, truth will fall
Because you are writing upon, humanity’s wall
Just like a magician, whose trick has been exposed
No longer a viable act, now you must all be closed

We don’t need another agenda
We don’t need a manifesto
We don’t need a tax and spender
We just need a chance to live and grow
Rights are from our birth
Not from the barrel of guns and lies
Rights are for all on earth
No just the ones who hypnotize
You have an illness, where you feel you must control
Yet you are lawless, and you truly have no soul
Great and small, Rich or poor, we don’t need a mark
What we do is our own affair, you stay in the dark
Poke the eye, and let the children, run with laughter
For this is every family, wants to be free, what we are after
We should not be forced to bow to king, leader, or minister
Now we know, for sure, that this is completely sinister
We don’t need another leader
We need each other
We don’t need another bleeder
We need each other

Even in the grand name of order and efficiency
We are not ants, or bees, we are humans with deficiency
So be it, we are willing to let this nature be known
It may or may not be, something to be out grown
But the elites and leaders are not ever to be our gods
No more secrets agreements given with silent nods
We want a world of humans, not a land of machines
We are quite accepting, that we are all human beings
Fragile and susceptible to error, but able to forgive and understand
We don’t need, some Master Race, with some master plan
You never let a crisis, go to waste for your plans
But you are not the only one, who understands
Opening up the day, where we all will have a say
Leaving behind the night, where people go away
No Kristallnacht, no Disappeared, no Nakba, no more
The world will not fight for elite’s treasure, for war

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, October 24, 2013

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