We Need Our Independence Poem by ChiMark Sunlight Ndubuisih

We Need Our Independence

Independence, our independence.
Far from playing play,
We need our independence,
A freedom bonus from our sovereign
Right, our free place of peace,
Should be rooted only for us all! .
We need not much only but a piece,
As little as half a loaf of bread,
To let us ride the bike of cheer in fatherland.
We need our independence in within us,
Let all laugh, let many smile home once,
A right to be full flesh of a country Nigeria.
Free us from pinpointing arrow of slavery,
In our fatherland we dependent entities,
We are tired of looking unto lions,
Tigers of the highest cloud of power,
If we have begged for years over social amenity,
But received the highest dept of silence,
Let us try again for a little favour.
Very simple it is as simple as A B C D,
If only ears would hear us as cry,
Please! we need our independence,
If for only free breath of concern for us,
As there is a man who go down with in pain.
We are powerless products of this nation,
If we so beg it is only our bestowed right,
If there be concern for us,
Settle us in this august time ever,
For many years past in torments,
Our cry never seduced the conscience of our heads,
We are fagged off, exhausted like racers,
We have nothing left to support ourselves,
Only if so care, release from the thorn,
That is coiled on our lives,
It is natural natural thing to be free,
Nigerian got her own from the Britain,
And has lies on the prowess of Nigeria,
We need our independence from hardship,
Killings, hopelessness, joblessness and hunger,
We want to be free from this day onward.
Happy independence from our old state! ! .

Friday, October 2, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: independence
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