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I'm the supreme
The secrete entity
that went into a

Farewell to you ageless hero
Encomium to the most High
To us bestowed a great human
If the earth never had a gem

Singing in Isolation
Beautiful songs
From a toiled heart
Bathed in hot fluid

Come, let us go,
From here,
To the other side
I feel we can go,

All of a sudden
My circular, ball-like eyes
Rolling like a swinging pendulum ball
Glanced through the street

It is nice for Me to part from You,
But I could not let it happen though.

When it is getting nervous to be
When the hand is dried
And the mouth is helpless.

Come the
I live in

There were wetted,
wetted dry climate,
sometime unknown
but existed like life,

Even if I die
My name is not changed.
I hear you telling me something
That my memory will die with me.

In me make me
The soft organ
Which presses the string of watery solo
Outpouring like electrons

If oh! if; my ever most humble President
did not play an exemplary game,
what would have been my country today?
I sigh and still blossom in springing stream

I am drawn in steam of prayer
In freestyle of spiritual drive
In a gorgeous moment encoded
On true heart beat yearning

Weeping has gained ground
Man is the owner of the land
Who is the new owner?
Weeping they say is child's fun

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Am A Prisoner's In Me

Am a prisoner who enjoys my torture
From the moment of my aging imprisoned
To my heart and mind for what goes in me
A prisoner to my authority excelling fine.

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'For earth and heavens are mutual beehive for survival even when earth is as catastrophic to the inhabitance yet we must sieve through'

'Name them all friends in the present and see at later time what will become of this symbiotic circle now a war gadgets at contact'.

'Life will not pay me for encountering opportunities everyday of my life but how many opportunity I am able to employ to transform myself'.

'Let me move like a snail as sluggish as the weak to my destiny rather than running as fast as an athletic sprinter to a destination empty handed'

'Pipet is used in laboratory process not because it is a reagent but as an slimming instrument that must be applied if an outcome must be reached'

'Even if rivers and oceans sink dry, the sun, moon and the wind especially the darkness would not change their nature'

'If life is to be lived like fire and wipe, am sure both lion and Tiger would be best fit to lived on us as their favourite food'

'If life is to be lived like fire and wipe, am sure both Lion and Tiger would be best fit to lived on us as their favourite food'

If life do not cease, There is hope; I will survive the fight.

If life do not cease, There is hope; I will survive the fight.

Talk to the world in a small way, They will hear, everybody will hear.

'Knowledge is that supreme power which cannot be challenged cheaply'

'If knowledge is not transferable, then it cannot be called knowledge; but an evil before all'

'Knowledge, like bush fire is unquenchable when acquired'

'Knowledge never misleads, but guides and magnify the bearer'

'If you have knowledge at your disposal, never will you become an ignoramus'

'You cannot have knowledge and be like frozen chicken, it is like diseased condition with no cure'

'Without knowledge, without knowledge candlelight; the world is a ticker darkness to behold'

'When one is got knowledge and practices it, the world would say; he is a claimant of the century'

Knowledge is never hide herself in the midst call, it is one single face that magnets attention'

There is secret to knowledge that even the greatest geniuses past were yet to unravel'

'Talent is like a modern flavour which makes a man blend'

'Talent is not dug from the soil, but embedded there in you, just dig it out; it makes you saint of your generation'

'If I think what the world call mercy, love and care; I will all my days on earth crying and asking why'

With Christianity I found that Nigeria's problem is not the economy, resources, or governance, but lack of love and values for one another, between the northerners and the easterners, and between the east and the west'

By Christianity, I learnt that brethren are sullied frenemies of their selves

To fall is an adversity in the sight of men, but a deliberate call to rest and preparation to come anew; in power and glory, unstoppable

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ChiMark Sunlight Ndubuisih Popularity

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