Weep Less Mama Poem by RUKUNDO PROMESSE

Weep Less Mama

Beautiful mama please stop crying
You who raised me up to now
You who taught me good and bad
You who were more than a parent to me
But as your child, you are the tomorrow Rwanda
But to satisfy you mom

When you used to tell me this
Study well child, you are the tomorrow Rwanda
I couldn't figure it out then
But now grown full in size and capacity
I really can do something
Not only to build you my Rwanda
But also to enhance you in all

What I will do?
I see it huge in size
Greatest and best of all
To raise you up in all
It's my duty through all
To wipe you out your tears
And cover up your wounds
You will weep less mama

On this progressive stage
Now education is being given around
My time will be to eradicate illiteracy totally
Poverty unemployed and undeveloped
That should not be in my Rwanda anymore
Not only job creation or provision of services
But also helping the needy and pity people
To achieve and get in the tomorrow Rwanda

All will hail for that my mom will have electricity
For transport will be affordable and everywhere
For that on top of all there will be security
Preservation of culture and unity
Will be flowing down on your shores
My motherland Rwanda

Keeping rights and democracy on top
Justice and unity of patriotism through all
Through love we fight for blood of humanity
Move in front with peace and security
I will give hope and sow love
By me hard working full of hope
I will get Rwanda so far away

You told me to build a future
A future, future, future
Future of me and you all
Future that we Rwandans desire
A future we wish and need
A future we deserve to have
Not only to be in a clean and safe Rwanda
But also a peaceful rightful
Desirable futureful Rwanda

Which Rwanda will I make?
A Rwanda free from corruption
A Rwanda free from injustice
A Rwanda free from injustice
A Rwanda of peace and harmony
A Rwanda of happiness and security
A milk flowing country
A honey and meat floating sky
And make Rwanda a peaceful resembling country

As my vision of Rwanda
My desirable and wishful Rwanda
My quality and pride to be Rwandan
My guide of life in Rwanda
To lead my fellows to that
To have a sustainable development
But I also need you by my side
Once we stand and rise
Holding hands with each other
Saying out loud together
‘'Rwanda you are in safer hands''

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