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Welcome To The Symposium Of Self Talkers - Poem by Jerry Behr Number 2

As a poet I welcome you to the symposium of the “Self Talkers” of the world.
This symposium is only for the dedicated self talkers and not for casual users.
It means being a real self talker who talk to themselves on a daily basis.
For years and years, month in month out since day dot.
For the habitual self talker there is no end to it and so that’s the person’s lot.

Now before we even start the practitioners of this form of thinking
Might think there’re nuts.
The answer is no:
By way of analogy let me illustrate more
Have you ever noticed how a dog continually sniffs the air for smells galore.

Now a dog’s brain is one big brain just for smelling and habitually she sniffs,
And sniffs with her big nose, one of the biggest noses in the animal kingdom.
Now for humans, they also have a biiiiiig brain, the biggest of them all.
This brain is wired for words the words are associated with abstractions.
The self talkers think in words said out aloud and thinking without distractions.

Just like a dog sniffs for smells, the human sniffs for words in its brain.
The smell becomes related to the abstracted article involved in the dog’s brain.
Equally the words becomes an abstraction about society in the human’s brain.
Because the dog’s big nose can smell many complicated smells with her brain.
Equally the self talker can think many complicated thoughts with the human’s brain.

I don’t mind doing this symposium since I’m a dedicated self talker.
I believe this self talking mode of thinking should come out of the closet.
I realize that self talking for the dedicated self talkers cannot be shut down.
The only thing that can be done is living with it and to use it.
To manage life and not getting mixed up and having a fit.

Talking to oneself is a mode of thinking which does require some skills.
The self talker has to realize that there are different modes of mind.
Example —That of daydreaming, another is being with people.
Last: — Talking to oneself in a private place where the person thinks with the mind.
In peace and not be bothered by anyone the identity a secret nobody to find.

One skill that is important is that of holding on to reality.
In self talking don’t talk to statues or dolls.
It would be inadvisable to talk to flowers or to the trees.
In order to hold on to reality talk to the outside panorama a reality to hold.
While talking to panorama the person is addressing the outside world self told.

I see now that this symposium is turning into a real seminar for self talkers.
Another important aspect of self talking is technique.
One undoubtedly is talking out aloud in a private place of some sort.
The other is that of whispering so that other people don’t hear.
It is important for the self talker to observe great discretion so nobody is in fear.

For years for me self talking was done in private places, bedrooms being one.
Walking during the night, the darkness of night was the cover for whispering.
Walking with the dog during the night allowing the look of normalcy.
The street traffic of cars covering the whispering so nobody could hear.
In darkness it is panorama to talk to, whispering to the mind nothing to fear.

However, even to the most cleverest of self talkers there comes a point in time,
Whereby privacy is lost and remember that the self talking cannot be shut down.
Like an addiction there is withdrawal symptoms, and there is a craving.
Solution — Put cotton wool in the ears to keep out misnomer noises to hear.
Now whispering is magnified in the head creating privacy nothing to fear.

With cotton wool in the ears whispering is as quiet as an evening breeze.
But, to the wearer the whispering is as loud as audible talk.
Offering great privacy to the self talker.
Whispering talk of the mind and its thoughts not confided to others only to its own.
Mind whispers of society, life, the world, the self talker's mind is not overthrown.

One thing that is very important to the self talker is not to doubt the
Different mental modes of mind that are like gears.
Over the years the self talker has created well-worn grooves in the mind.
Where to change gears and realize the gears there’re in, and right behaviour.
There should be no self doubt and have confidence to be in society's favour.

For the self talker there is a phenomenon — Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray.
“The Dorian Gray Phenomenon.” Whereby the world around the self talker shifts.
Families, relationships, loved ones, even his or her partner in life, everything.
It all moves like a continental drift, even disappearing.
The self talker’s mind mode remains the same ageless it is always appearing.

It is always there the mind mode, day in day out the same person talking.
Life’s events, people dying, going into senior years, life goes relentlessly on.
Yet the mind remains the same, ageless, the self talker talks the same now.
As it was ten years ago, for that matter fifteen years ago and it remains the same.
Thinking with the words, toiling with words caring nonetheless for fame.

But then, self talking is talking to the wind and it went with the wind.
It would be better to put it to use for other people even to oneself.
A computer is useful it is slower than self talk, touch typing increases the speed.
With a computer and word processing the self talker can take mind photographs.
Word, words, words photographed on a floppy disk replayed like phonographs.

Therefore, the words are not in the wind it is kept and to be used like a diary.
Saved and to look back on and remembered.
For the self talker with new technologies, computers could be used in words of poetry.
The different modes of mind comes in good and handy for poetry writing.
Holding onto reality with no doubts between worlds and use the words for reality sighting. ©


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