Ryan McNicholas

What A Wonderful World - Poem by Ryan McNicholas

I looked out upon this world’s pollution,
All cooped up like a lab rat in an institution,
Bombs blowing up here, Litter and garbage there,
I hear Mother Earth crying out,
Help me! Jesus Christ, please help me,
Now look into your mindless heart,
And start this revolution.

Now don’t roll your eyes like the leaders of the world,
Don’t shake your heads and say no,
Because just like me, this is our dojo,
This is where we let our feet roam,
So stop your carelessness, and start taking care of yours, and mine, and everyone else’s home.

So sorry Bob Marley, Every little thing isn’t all right,
We need to put in effort, put up a fight,
So stop acting like it’s perfect, like a beautiful swan,
Whether you like it or not, this world will vanish and be permanently gone,
Don’t be a bigot, use your mind and soul,
For if you don’t, Mother Nature will wipe you out with one single tornado.

Yet we brush it off, but polluting is an ongoing rash,
Who thought you can loose a planet, by just not picking up you trash,
I laugh on how we punctured the O-Zone layer like a sharp pin,
By simply not putting bottles and cans in a recycling bin.

And now there will be no winter, fall, or spring,
Due to a new problem called Global Warming,
The North Pole will be the new South Pole,
And for the South Pole, well, It will be a new water hole,
So Santa Clause will run and flee I presume,
Or else Santa will be enclosed in his own personal sweat room.

Now please just look inside, and fallow your heart,
Clean up the world, for it’s a glorious piece of art,
From the mountains to the seas,
The beauty of this planet, will surely bring you to your knees,
So get out and help, instead of idle and sit,
Because at the rate we’re going at, even Superman won’t be able to save it.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, October 10, 2008

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