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What Have I Become? - Poem by Snake Blocker

In my quest to be ordinary,
I became extraordinary.
In my attempt to become a better fighter,
I became the best.
As I would strive for perfection,
I became more critical.

What have I become?

In the course of becoming more assertive,
I became an animal.
In my thirst for knowledge,
I became ignorant.
My passion for women turned into obsession.
And my love of objects turned into greed.

What have I become?

My attempts at love have failed.
My respect of persons has diminished.
My glory has turned to shame.
My fortune is no more.
My health has left me.
And I am now out of time.

What have I become?

In my attempt to be accepted,
I became unacceptable.
I tried to be proper,
But I couldn't be polite.
I tried to be nice,
But good girls like bad boys.

What have I become?

My reality is not what it was,
And I have made too many mistakes.
My dreams have turned to nightmares.
And my credit is at its max.
I would work on love,
But I have loved the wrong people...
For no one has attended my funeral.

Now I see what I've become!

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 10, 2012

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