Edder Ramirez

What Have I Become? - Poem by Edder Ramirez

what have i become?
What have i done?
Did i do that?
I could not have done that.
I see myself in the mirror.
I see blood on my hands and on my lips.
Could have i dont it again?
Its 2am, i cant believe ive done it again.
This thirst for blood and the joy for killing i cant control it.
No matter how i try, its just not enough......
NO! ! ! ! !
Its happening again.
I see fangs growing, my eyes turn blood red, and i become pale.
I yell with terror.
Is it just a dream?
A terrible nightmare?
Its real its happening.
This force that i have, this thirst for blood i cant control.
I go to the streets and hunt for easy prey, a deffenceless young girl.
I see her face filled with terror as she sees me.
I stop, her face reminds me of someone i love, someone i love but died few years ago.
I fall to the ground and i say to myself
'What am i doing? I cant kill anymore. I cant kill a young girl. If i do the person she loves will suffer, as i suffered. I cant let it happen to someone else.'
Thought race to my mind.
I yell to fight what i have become.
I feel the fangs shrink, my eyes back to normal, my pale skin back to normal.
I see the young girl, her face with terror and confusion.
As i stand up and try to talk to her she runs away.
I couldnt tell her the thanks for making me remember that im not alone that the person that i love will always be in my heart.
Its 7am i go back home.
I sleep, i wake up, i look at myself in the mirror no longer i have the thirst for blood.
What i have become is now gone.
Thanks for the girl on the street.....

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Poem Submitted: Monday, January 25, 2010

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