What If! Poem by Mohammad Younus

What If!

What if I can never see you!
Still you exist in and around me!
What if I can never know you wholly!
Still from your book of creation, I can read you!
What if you are not like anything!
Still in every mirror in your mirror house...
...I can your majestic attributes see;
O homeless!
The unbound Space and Time, indeed, cannot contain you!
What if any person with his gross eyes can't your being see!
Still You exist in yourself! None except yourself can see you!
The eyes do not perceive You but You perceive the eyes!

I live in your house of love...
...where all the windows and doors are open always;
I remember you in my every heart beat regularly...
...which strikes like a clock producing the sound of...
Hu! Hu! Hu!
I feel you nearby like my mother singing lullabies to me,
Hu Hu! Hu!
I am only sad when I do not in your lap hear your sweet melody,
Hu Hu! Hu!
In that moment, in your constant zikr I cease to be!
In that moment, I feel as if the stars no longer shine on me!
In that moment, I don't see my moon smiling beside me!

How would it be possible to stay connected to you...
...unless you resume for me your sweet melody!
As a matter of fact, in each and every thought...
you are with me!
My thoughts about you will not fade with time!
Even to the other world, I will carry them with me!
There too I will stay grossly connected to One-reality...
...through the perennial zikr of Hu! Hu! Hu!


What If!
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