What Solution? Poem by N N P Parameswaran(Nasarudheen.P)

What Solution?

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Poor mothers sigh on as sons fight
For, they in stealth crawl or growl
To split the mass to amass wealth:
Abel and Cain strained their father;
”I am not the keeper of my brother”,
Cain bluntly commented and fled.
Gandhari and Kunti moaned so much
Who lost their ever beloved children.
Abraham’s wives Sara and Hajra sighed-
Descendants of Isaac and Ismail, still,
Fight to be the super powers on Earth.
Bled Emperor Shajahan’s children rude
For grappling power on Delhi throne.
Petty kingdoms in India fought of Ego,
By lure of wealth and prestige worldly-
That saints renounced but rulers longed.
Spiritualism overridden by Materialism
Senses overridden by sensuality, here,
Degenerate the social and political life
Craving for fiscal prosperity insatiable
Nags in middle path- best to be followed-
In between luxury and poverty for peace.
I hear shrill cries from the Autumn heads
That dwarfed the generations to come.
See a hen with twelve chicks struggling
On dry grass; the strong one snatching
A bit of worm dangling from the beak
Of its weak sibling steps as a winged egg.
Mothers cry in memory of lost Spring
Their suffering pangs of birth delivered.
Hear! you hear, such shrieking of the hens
That lost chicks at the claws of the eagles.
Bunks and slum huts are razed, beauty
Of fire engulfs to please the vested lobby.
The sycophants of Kubera guffaw in bars
While Love’s sympathy barred inside bars.
Solution is resolution we make by reason
Bullets must be replaced by ballots safely.

Om Chawla 04 February 2014

Excellently written. Greed and Lust corrupting the fabric of our social and political life. That has been since ages and is probably ingrained in our systems; even in our psyche! Even the solution suggested by you may not work as we are experiencing for over 60 years. We have been cheated and manipulated. But question remains, what is the alternative....?

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Valsa George 30 January 2014

This is a 'terrific' write! What a stupendous analysis of the current scenario! Mothers ditched by ungrateful children, fathers torn apart by power mongering and wealth craving sons... the weak exploited and deprived by the rule of the jungle.. Might is right.... very powerful diction.! ! I give you a10

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