What Tears Mean Poem by Hazim Baba

What Tears Mean

I come when pain
Becomes too much to take.
I come when you're sad,
Or your heart starts to break.

I might come when you panic,
I might come when you're mad.
I'll show up here and there,
When enough is what you've had.

I'm salty and warm,
I might be big or small.
Sometimes when you're strong,
I don't come up at all.

I fill your eyes with moisture,
I roll down your cheek.
Sometimes I mean joyous,
Sometimes I mean weak.

Sometimes when you're scared,
I come as a sign of fear.
You can feel when I'm coming,
Whether far or near.

I may come along
When you hear your favorite song.
Sometimes I show up
When you've been strong for too long.

I know you want to fly away.
I know inside you're a mess.
You long for a brighter day.
Tears are words the heart can't express.

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