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What Would Jesus Do? - Poem by Roxanne Dubarry

Oh, what would Jesus Christ both say and do, Leslie,
if He had a poetic critic such as you?
Would he play a game of computer tags
like you and I seem to play?
Or, would he let your negative
comments about my poetry stand in His way?

There's is only one thing that I haven't done,
and yet I need to do. I call myself a Christian,
but I haven't acted like one unto you.
Jesus Christ would forgive you, and I
really need to.

Besides maybe that poem I wrote about dads really
does belong in a school magazine.
I really would not know I never wrote for
one or did I? It does not matter because
I can't remember that far back.

As for Poetryis...#2 what should a born again Christian do?
Except to say these simple words...I will forgive
there...and remember you in my daily prayers.

It may be dull and unimaginative according to you,
but what would you do? And don't be quiet about it.
Just how in the world would you recollect your
personal experiences in a freshly original way?

{This is what I actually did: I was joking about you coming
home with my older sister, Lynn, on the City of Everett's para transit van, and making jokes with no need to quote anyone but ourselves, but no one else.

'If I had a lot of money to spend...I would come across the pond.'
(from the U.S.A all the way to the UK.)

'I would walk up to Leslie and throw a (a pie made out of lemon with whipped cream) and throw it in, 'Leslie's face.' Lynn promptly told me, 'Roxanne, you would get arrested.' 'Yes, and they wouldn't give me any pie either (made out of lemons and whipped cream.) 'Promise me you
wouldn't do something...' (stupid like that)

'Leslie is a social worker from England with a university degree...
(He thinks he is really something else..a big shot.
(And today I wonder if Leslie majored in poetry writing!)

My reactions may seem quiet childish to you, and wouldn't
blame you if you told me so. However, these words and my
reactions are true blue. I am being completly honest with you!
But what would Jesus really say and do? 'I am sorry, and I freely
forgive you! }

Love in Christ Jesus!
May 11,2013
John 3: 16-18

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I really got very angry with Leslie, because he made some very negative remarks, and told me to, 'find another hobby.' I responded
that I wasn't going to...He really did not offer me any constructive
criticism, and my responds to him were really far from positive.

I told him he could continue commenting about my poetry. In short.
'Give youself your best away..) I am sorry I responded
so childishly. Those comments were not very Christian, but very human and quiet natural.

He is not the first person with a university degree to tell me
I was not very good at writing poetry: However, my poem did show
a great deal of emotion. (He paid me a complement. He usually did not make comments about poetry submissions, that were rejected.)

The writer even gave me some tips for re-writing my poem. (I did not follow his advice.) What did I do? I submitted a poem (when I was in my 30's to a college magazine. It did not measure up to their standards.)

However, I did not stop submiting my poetry for submission. But,
to a different market: poetry anothologies. Many of them wanted
money, which I could not afford. However, I did manage to receive
comments such as honorable mention and semi-finalist status. It is called by people such as Leslie as, ' vaniety press.'

I even had an offer to read my poetry on the radio, (from an Eastern state) but that was a long time ago. I could not afford to pay the price. He read my poems, and liked them. I turned him down, and gave he copies of my poems. And we lost contact with each other.

Which I suppose is true about such comments such as: 'Roxanne, is one of the rising stars of poetry.' However, all poetry comments aren't positive..and I should have learned that several decades ago...

The parts in () are not exact quotes. I really do not know how to spell: a pie made out of lemon with whipped cream. But I really wanted to throw one in, 'Leslie's face! ' I do not want to do that anymore! I should thank him for his honest oppinions, even if I do not like them!

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