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as yourself, Jesus Christ told his
disciples. But alas true love
in this world is hard to find.

No, Freedom is not Free,
Even in the, 'Land of
The Free and The Home
Of the Brave.'

How much my special friend must love me!
Some day we will get together again
and be separated by time and space and
place no more.

Welcome to our Sunday School!
We are so glad you came.
Come and Discover
New Horizons

Too many words filled with both anger and hostility are far too common today! When ever you verbally rip some one apart, you sacrifice a piece of your heart! You hardened both your hearts and your immortal spirits and souls! You need mercy!

You may only be just kidding but there are angry words of under currents in your intent! Adding plenty of fuel to already explosive situations! Until you burn down all of your remaining resemblance of humanity! And days of darkness lie ahead!

Our beloved heavenly father really does understand the human frailty of men and women. After Adam and Eve had both partaken of the forbidden fruit. Of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, God pronounced this sentence upon them, and their offspring. "Dust thou art and to dust thou shall return." Adam was indeed created out of the dust of the earth.And Eve was created out of Adam's rib.

Neither Adam nor Eve withstood the wiles of the devil. But they should not feel so badly about it. God did judge their disobedient sin, but afterwards he forgave them. Neither did one-third of the stars of heaven. Lucifer lead a rebellion and war against Michael and his loyal angels. He had practice in the art of deception and falsehood.

Heavenly angels of poetry are softly whispering divine and
inspirational words to me.They are bequeathing
their Christian poetic gifts freely.

Echoes of windmills swirling around in my mind.
Whispering thoughts to me which are most unclear.
Taunting me in my thoughts by day,
and in my dreams at night.

Oh! Why not let your candlelight brightly
shine. Amidst the darkness of nighttime's
darkness. In order for the whole wide and
wonderful world may see. Believers stand

"Love is the answer and that's alright with me."
The world is blanketed with blinded by hatred,
Revenge and anger. Once the world was blind as
It could possibly be."The light of the world

"Oh, what a lucky man he was."***

For the very last time, a brave man closed his eyes.
"And nobody could save him so he laid down and he died."

OH! Dear Lord God Jesus Christ!
Please open up your wonderful
Windows of Your abundant
Blessings in our lives.

Whenever I am feeling:
sad, lonely, or blue;
I close my eyes
my special friend, and

For being the sunshine in my life,
For turning winter into spring,
For turning darkness into light,
For bringing laughter and joy into my soul,

Oh, what would Jesus Christ both say and do, Leslie,
if He had a poetic critic such as you?
Would he play a game of computer tags
like you and I seem to play?

Poetry is a free gift and a labor of love.
The inspirational poetic gifts freely flow
from heaven above. And it is all because
of my blessed Savior's love for me.

Who in actuality invented random acts of kindness? Was it the conventical news media or the social media? Was it really innovated by human beings at all? The answer to the first question is Jesus Christ. Whereas, the answer to the proceeding questions is no. Jesus Christ D told his disciples to be kind and tender hearted towards each other.

As well as the rest of the human race. People committing random acts of kindness may not even be aware they are actually following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. While others doubt of his existence at all!

Jesus Christ calls us first individually,
And sometimes collectively to have a relationship.
With all of us who seek him, we shall find him,
When we shall search for him with all of our hearts.

'T-is it true? ...
H-is it helpful? ...
I- is it inspiring? ...
N-is it necessary? ...

The Best Poem Of Roxanne Dubarry

Love Your Neighbor

as yourself, Jesus Christ told his
disciples. But alas true love
in this world is hard to find.

Love casts out all fear, heart aches
hatred, and wipes away our tears.
Love does survive the lonely years.

When a loved one dies,
We must love their memories
and hold them dear to our
hearts, by comforting the widows,
sons and daughters.

Love your neighbor as
you love yourself.

We wound our neighbors
with our tongues
instead of being
disciples of
Jesus Christ,
God's only
begotten Son.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 13 June 2020

Roxanne Dubarry is a very highly talented poetess who has talent in multiple fields. She has deep knowledge in theology, philosophy and Biblical studies. I have read her poems and reviewed. I am astonished finding high philosophic essence in her poems. She has strong Christian beliefs and she guides people through her poems giving knowledge of Christ with values like forgiveness, kindness, love etc. She inspires many and she is a great motivator. Her each poem is beneficial gem!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 13 June 2020

I am wishing poetess Roxanne Dubarry all the best for her perseverance. She has unlimited trust on Christ. May God bring happiness for her! BEST WISHES FROM: : : Poet Kumarmani Mahakul ranked #180 on date 11 June 2020, Thursday, Ranked # 182 on date 12 June 2020 and ranked # 192 on date 13 June 2020 on top 500 poets of the world. (As per the information of the World Poetry Database, Poem Hunter)

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Prabir Gayen 13 December 2018

Yes you are a true poet....a talented one..

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Roxanne Dubarry 30 January 2015

I consider myself basically an inspirational, self taught Christian poet. Although I compose mainly Christian poems, I also like secular wholesome poems.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 26 January 2022

So am I dear poetess, thank you for your explanation here. God's Blessings

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