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What You Were - Poem by Samuel Chung

You were the one,
you knew me inside out.
each flaw, each weakness
and you used them for fun.

I was used by you.
manipulated, betrayed.
taken advantage of.
then you threw
threw me away
into the dark.

They say that to love
is to forgive.
Yet how can I forgive
you for the very thing
you denied me of:

You lead me from
my safe haven
my place of tranquility
into my solitude.

I cared for you like
I cared for no
But I was hit by you
hit hard with a spike.
You led me into my
solitude, then you left.

They say that to love is
to forgive.
yet how can I forgive
you for all that you've
I guess that nothing matters anymore.

Regress A Mi
thats all I ask.
Yet you will never piece
it together.
You have broken it finely.
and parts haven't been
placed back where they
should me.
My fault lines have widened
every time I see you now and
forever more, will I remember
the pain you inflicted on me.
Three years hath I cared for
you. And three years thou hath
used it.

Taken advantage of me have you
what honor can be found?
you tell me.
Regress A Mi a never. Nobody
not you, not anyone will be
able to return those fragments
swept away by the tears that I wept.
Remember me, you caused this.
the evil that men do lives after them
[but] the good is oft interred with their bones.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Poem Edited: Saturday, February 20, 2010

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