Patti Masterman

When I'M In Love - Poem by Patti Masterman

When I'm in love, odd things happen
If I'm really smitten I keep leaning my head
All over the place, in deep meditation:
Against cabinet doors, shelves, hangers
On closet racks, dressers, and walls
Much deep thought is required to analyze it:
(But not so much I'll realize how stupid I look)

When I'm in love
Things end up in the wrong places:
Milk jug and sandwich meat up in the cabinet
Keys and cellphone in the refrigerator
Sunglasses and lip gloss in the toilet bowl
I forget everything that's not tied on
(Everything, that is, but the Beloved)

When I'm in love
I forget it's Thursday already
And I keep reliving Wednesday over again
Until the weekend arrives
When I think it's already Monday
And miss all my appointments
(The ones I didn't show up a day early for)

When I'm in love
I no longer care what the mirror says
Or if friends forget to invite me
Or if it's cold, cloudy or raining outside
My heart is busy making rainbows, night and day
Whether or not it should be;
(Whether or not you love me back)

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 12, 2010

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