When I Wrote The Words I Love You I Miss You I Want You - Poem by RIC S. BASTASA

you will by chance read these ordinary lines that a lover says to another lover faraway,

oh! My God! you really tore your heart out of your chest and threw
on the computer stand when
you write these lines

they are ordinarily said, let me tell you again,
i love you i miss you i want you on my side,

the musings sound like you and i have met and kissed
in the subway
of strangeness as i hold your hands like you are a train bar
so i may not fall away

and die like a stupid bum, but i write lines of love and missing
as i am born to love and miss
those unloved and unfound, what for too is my loneliness
and being messy,

got to go now, you did not tell me your name, and i did not tell mine,
we do not find any importance
about knowing each other at all, we just meet, i say i love you i say
i miss you, and you listen attentively and pretend you like each word,

we recall the rules of our game, for those who believe there is heaven
for those who don't keep your little space of earth,

and live, wiser, cautious, and better adjusted this time,
easy come,
easy go, there is not much pain, there is no bargain, and well

what is the gain?

now you are learning now you are saying when i go away
i miss you i love you i want you and i will not

look back at you, your tongue is so adept in your cheek.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 14, 2008

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