When Will You Come Back Dad? Poem by rhynik hallow

When Will You Come Back Dad?

i wish my daddy was here today.
but he hasent been here for 10 years.

i just wanna talk to him.
i want to ask him a few questions thats all

so god please help me find him.
i've been praying for years to see him again.

but i havent seen him yet.
is there a reason why?

does he not love me anymore?
or does he not want me.

i just wanna know
and if hes not going to tell me then who will?

god i just want to know.
please help me.

if i cant ask him will you some how?
or when he dies and he goes to heaven can you ask him then?

and tell him i want to know?
ask him why he left me all alone

ask him if he loved me
ask him why he never called me on my birthdays

ask him why he wasnt there at my soccer games
ask him why he did he do that to me.

i was only 3 when he left
i dont remember him that well

i remember one thing that he always told me
he told me he loved me 9 billion times more then anyone else

but if he did love me then why did he leave me my mom and my brother?
i wish i could talk to him or find him.

the next time i probally would get to see him might be at his funeral.
daddy i miss you.

why daddy?

Jeff Hobbs 17 August 2006

What a sad poem - get in touch with her you lousy mongrel! ! ! ! ! ! Who knows, maybe he reads these poems....

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