Where Did Everyone Go-Tsunami

Rating: 5.0

Down by the river the flowers
have bloomed.The river sounds
like soft music playing
See a doe an her fawn playing
In the cool spring breeze.Close
to the rivers edge. Sits to lovers
wrapped in love.Birds are singing
their spring time songs.Fine rain
drops fall like morning mist.With
the beauty of the morning sun.Comes
a rainbow of love.Out of the wood
stands a white stallion with bay
mare by his side.Pure beauty for
all those who see.Across the river
to more lovers cuddle by the rivers
edge.Flock of white doves fly threw
the sky.In the mist of this, The heavens
darkned an millions of stars fill
the heavens above.Dropped to my knees
from the beauty of it all.How did i
come to be at this place.Never have
seen such beauty an love.Saw childern
playing an laughing And all had wings
How can this be I asked myself.Out of
the sky a bright star came to me.There
stood an angel in front of me.I rember
what happen to me.An to all those i see
We were all on the beach when Tsunami
came in.Now where all at heavens gate.