Alex Cairnie

Where I Stand - Poem by Alex Cairnie

As I ride through my darkest days and nights
And follow cold moons the lonely winter bites
Arriving in your town and falling at your door
Wondering if your still here or if your gone forever more

And in the deep snow I stumble and I slip
And if it's here I stop then make it my last trip
Leaving just the emptiness of a hollow on the ground
I am here with nothing more than the memories I've found

I can't see a life without you near
I can't see a world with you not here
I can't recall all the faces just the same
I only see a door that bares your name

As winter leaves me and the flowers come to life
I think of years past and all my troubles and my strife
And pray forgiveness from a greater man than me
To find a way to you and that you will share your world with me

I can't be what the world wants me too
I can't be me without being next to you
I can't foresee any joy for me alone
My only wish is that you will come along

Now summers gone and the autumns comin fast
I've left the bad times and my wild days are past
I stand before you with my shirt and worn out boots
Seeking shelter from the storm and a place to grow my roots

I am here with my heart upon my sleeve
I am here with one thing that I believe
I can't say there's an easy road ahead
But I know for sure without you I'm better dead

And now I see a picture in my mind
It's one of happiness for no more am I now blind
And if the sunrise opens up my eyes
it's you I see at the clearing of the skies

Your vision greets me as I climb the mountain top
Your face is all I see at every single stop
And when a falter and the good in me seems lost
I think of you and no more I fear the cost

I have waited for the gods to shine on me
I have waited for this world to give to thee
I have waited all my life for just one shot
To be complete but without you my life is not

The dark nights no more lonely now your here right by my side
The dreams that stirred me from my sleep replaced with warmth and pride
No more a bitter man who hid beneath his shame
Those dark clouds now have left my world and joy lights up my name

I am still here and I wear my colours well
I am still here and I will make the final bell
I am still here and your wish is my command
Forever with the one I love this will be where i stand


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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 16, 2016

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