Where We Begin Poem by Jay Mandeville

Where We Begin

so follow this line, & drag it on up
push it right into that willow cup
take a tiny taste, & box it to go
the moon won't rise, & tomorrow comes slow...

I'm lashed today to a future perfect state
& every perfect move will eradicate
the sins of twisted souls who murder our love
they can't play the game, they can only shove...

I'd take them on down, way behind the rows
some children of the maize, make yr garden grow
but never obsess, never carry a torch
u might start out ridin' & windup as the horse...

it ain't no shame, gotta happen sometimes
but u wake up one mornin' in a warmer clime
clock says go, but the wave won't run
sit on yr board 'til the e-mails come...

much too late, so I can't reply
but I lose 12 points if I pass this by
can't lash out, can't refuse to speak
if I open my browser, is it u I seek?
left to surmise, am I hittin' or missin'
or surfin' on thru with my main transmission...

dial me from the desert, page me from the plain
like to hear u laughin', even if yr just insane
willow is the byword, hello is the sign
a friendly disposition is the way I take my time
so follow this line, & drag it on up
push it right into that willow cup...

Jay Mandeville

Jay Mandeville

Kansas City, Missouri USA
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