Wherefore Are We Sad? Poem by Mohabeer Beeharry

Wherefore Are We Sad?

Why do we choose to be sad
When the world is still here to show
The vision and the infinite love of the Creator?
Let the gale laugh and whirl,
Our effort must be to improve our discernment of God's will.

When the sun is still there to warm the world
Joys, contentment and freedom abound,
Why do we cry of hopelessness?

Free our heart from bondage of fear
Free our mind from servility to the senses
And realise unknown sources of strength and joy then springing from inside!
I tell the truth!
Why then do we want to be unhappy?

This world has not ended yet
Nor have the birds ceased to sing!
The sun will rise tomorrow
And set!
The clouds will still shower the lands with new lease of life.

The seas have not run out of harvest
Nor the trees of luscious fruits!
Nights are still pregnant with the blessings of sweet and ceaseless slumber
And man has still in his heart endless treasure troves of love,
Determination and kindness.
For what reason then do we shed tears?

Fill our heart with kindness and love
Seek what is good for you and for others,
Light will again shine in our heart.

What will be, will be,
Whether we like it or not!
Fear is only a creation of weak mind
Why fear, He said once, when he is here,
To look after us all.

Have faith,
And let the heart gaze towards the eternal rising sun
There will not then be a reason to be sad!
For a dry pond is not always a dead pond.
Wait till the next rain to see the wonders and the resilience of creation.

All flowers will go one day.
The beauty and the extraordinary sense of wonders too,
But not all perhaps!
Seeds are there to open new frontiers.

We come,
We live
And when the times comes, we make way for others.
And yet man is not a total loss,
Nothing is a total loss!
There is our Soul.
The bodily dies,
The Souls lives on with what we do, good or bad
Until it is fully enlightened,
Always the same us.
Wherefore then do we shed tears?

Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: spiritual
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