Adeosun Olamide

Whispers- A Fallen Angel - Poem by Adeosun Olamide

I go round searching for you
From seas to desert thru
Heeding every whimpers heard
Sneaking homes- birth just had
Found you there in cradle lain
Soft asleep- winking in a dream
Veiled in breeze- touch you did
And as, all my dreams came a live
Telling heavens I can’t come now
And though death kept on knocking
If it breaks in- will be a fight-
I defeat it, you make me strong
You will always get luck stroke
As we give a chance to climb
And even though you were not wholesome
We will hold you as you fall
And help land on your feet
We will help you to be strong
And distract others from your faults
And though you may not know
Or know us still
As we roll you to the shores
When others drowned and you came unhurt
We will show you the ways thru
And bring you to the winds
Will give you my own wings
As you fall from the sky-
And though you may not know
Or know us still
When others crash, lose their heart
You are whole, came unhurt
And though you not- so strong
We will make seem, you strongest
We will hold you from your fault
And train you in your dreams
We would teach you the ways
And all the rocks and all the leaves
We will help you know them all
All the bones that art man- at heart
You will carry all the laws
And the world shall marvel
At the premises you shall give-
Or from where you learn bearing-
Or why the birds chose you dwell
They will lift you on their shoulders
And we would dance in the shades
As the shadow- that brought you light
We would merry to a drunk-
And not see- how high you taken
But on their shoulders- you go high
Above Gods throne’ you go high
And in anger, my powers take
And whispered down- a perfidy-
Then the sun salivates
And sudden, earth hungers you-
Those that lift you on their shoulders
A sudden weary all come
And let you down- to fall deep
We will run to your rescue
Away from God instant call
We run to your rescue
Our hands will catch you-
And again a whisper down- rebel-
You would rise, seek the storm
Try to calm it- but won’t heed
You would bruise feet against stones
And forget how the world turns
You will lone in the cold-
And when we gather’ about you
From our trial-
To shelter from the cold-
You would push us- from your side
Accuse us- want suffocate
We would offer from distance
The breeze to calm you-
And a blanket to keep you warm
You would cry, you would weep
You would say- we brought you shame
And condemn you to the cold
That now freezes your heart-
We still helter, skelter-
Trying to pacify a crossed god
And to bring you some sunshine
Which when brought’ scream -melting
That we are your curse-
And in the cold you want dwell
As we watch your heart freeze
And the bars that ward us off-
We will run, we will scream
And carry you on our shoulders
But the cold froze you deep
That the sun couldn’t melt you-
We are dragged to a prison
Of regret, for your end-
We are accused, guilt pressed
And ever called
A flaw on guardian angels white

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