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White Water - Poem by Alla Renee Bozarth

The shade that covers the window
quivers with warmth and luminosity now~
demanding that you open your eyes and your mind.

Wake up to the empty easel
of the new day~
A hand gives it a tug and up it flies.

The easel becomes a small window in a mural
that extends endlessly in every direction,
completely encircling you.

Blink and colors appear,
shapes of mountains and rivers,
textures of forests, open spaces of green
dotted with wildflowers~

They may be buildings and faces,
people wearing colorful skirts and shirts
and pants and dresses, they may be gardens
and forests and farms where hard work is done.

Stretch and all around and between them,
even right through them, the white water current of life
holds it together and constantly changes the picture,
pulls you in.

Through the day and into the night,
always the colors, always the water.
You will never be able to keep up,
having to attend so carefully
to one small part at a time,
while always the water
is sweeping you along~

Relentlessly, an intense current from depths of power
and a wave of desire from the future ~~
sweep you forward, compel you on.

Pace yourself well, then. Leave room for the unknown.
Participate without being scattered. Learn the flow.
Enjoy the ride. Surrender. You do not have to be in charge.

Diamonds in a Stony Field
Copyright 2012.
All rights reserved.

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

In the lively Pacific Northwest where I live, there are many rivers roiling down from mountain glaciers. Their force is legendary, and people love to ride the amazingly powerful white water current as it froths forth faster and faster, carving boulders and capsizing everything in its pathway. White water means intense power, and danger. Many die trying to navigate it. Great physical and mental strength are necessary to avoid calamity. Still, rafters love to discover their own survival skills by interacting intimately with these awesome forces of Nature.

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