Katy Lue

Who Are You? - Poem by Katy Lue

I sit and watch
From my place on the bench
Where I twiddle my fingers around
My notebook and pen
My plan is to think
My thoughts remain free
As I watch a man
Hastily run over to me.
He falls onto the bench and releases a grin
I take off my hat
And then I begin.
“Who are you? ”
I ask sounding nice
“I am person.”
He quickly replies.
“But who are you? ”
I repeat with edge.
“I am me.”
He says staring down at the bench.
“Yes, I know most everyone does.
But who is me? ”
I say nice enough.
“I’m sorry, but I
Don’t know what you mean.”
“Goodness my friend! ”
My hands now on my knees
“Who are you, just a simple
Question, that’s all.”
“I’m afraid I don’t get it.”
He says looking foul
“Well don’t be afraid! ”
I say feeling startled
“I’m not- it’s just—oh
Forget it! ” He snarls.
He looks slightly frustrated,
This makes no sense to me
But I let him cool off
While I stare at the street
When a minute is up
I glance at the sky and say
“Who are you? ”
His head slowly does rise.
“I guess I don’t know. No
Ones asked me in the past.”
“I just asked you a second ago.”
This makes him laugh.
“That is true.”
He replies and catches his breath.
“Oh, I know, ” I say
I put my hat on my head.
“So who are you? ” I ask once again.
“I don’t know the answer to that
Question my friend.”
“What is the meaning of life through
Your eyes?
There’s a path split in two, do you choose left,
Or right?
Which way to go?
Which sky to see?
All of your answers are not up to me.”
“What do you mean? ” He asks very confused.
“Who are you? ” I ask feeling very amused.
Seconds go by and I
Wish him “good day.”
I stand,
Take a bow,
And head on my way.
As I walk new ideas get brighter and brighter
Then I hear his voice,
“Who are you? ” He asks
I reply “I am a writer.”

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, January 21, 2012

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