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Who Is The Best..?

Once there was this Rishi
Living under a banyan tree
Meditating on Him, all his life
Alone, without worries or wife..

It was a sunny day, bit hazy
Rishi was relaxed and lazy
A mouse came running and fell at his feet
A cat came chasing to eat

The mouse prayed 'Gimme shelter or u sin'
The cat said 'Protecting my food is no less a thing'
Rishi had to decide one way or other
Rishi blessed the mouse to be his daughter

The daughter grew into a beautiful woman
Time came for Rishi to think of her man.
He asked the daughter for any criteria or test
She said she wanted only the Best

Best of a man is a Rishi, said the father
Not really so, said the daughter
When Rishi said, better than a Rishi is the only Sun
No, said the daughter, not the burning hot one!

Rishi asked the Sun, if he knows anyone better
The Sun said, try the Cloud, it hides my power
When Rishi told her of the Cloud's valor
No, said the daughter, I hate the dark color

Rishi asked the Cloud, who betters it
The Cloud said, surely the Wind, it blows me out
Rishi asked the daughter, if Wind is her choice
No, said the daughter, It just makes noise.

Rishi asked the Wind, for a better person
The Wind said, It is the immovable Mountain
Rishi asked the daughter, if Mountain passes her test
No, said the daughter, full of trough and crest

Rishi asked the Mountain for the best in the land
The Mountain said, It is the Mouse that crushes it to sand
Rishi asked the daughter, if Mouse is her groom
Yes, said the daughter, I love his eyes that zoom..

Rishi made his daughter back into a mouse
They married and lived in a hole as their house
The Best for a mouse is mouse, for Rishi a Rishi, for crook a crook
It depends on what you look out for; your outlook!

Poem Submitted: Friday, December 14, 2007
Poem Edited: Saturday, April 30, 2011

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Comments about Who Is The Best..? by TheBigThinkg Human

  • Thebigthinkg Human (1/18/2009 6:55:00 AM)

    If you can show me one line that is taken from somewhere else, you are welcome to do so with specifics.

    The story is old. I wrote it in response to a specific circumstance. Pl. read all my other poems before you write your comments.

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  • Dinbdin Kaal (1/18/2009 12:36:00 AM)

    A pretty nice chain of thought.. I think I do remember some old poetry which seems to get appropriated here, not necessarily on purpose though! but surely, the concluding part belongs to you or? ? ? ?

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