Who Is The Girl? I Dont Know You Anymore Poem by Guadalupe martinez

Who Is The Girl? I Dont Know You Anymore

who is the girl?
i dont know her anymore
she is playing with all and yet with nothing
she smiles to them but cries everytime she writes 'dear diary'
who is she?
i look at her quite often
i stare at you through my mirr but i dont know you anymore
you used to be so different
i guess it all had gotten worst for you
feeling so lonely
crying late at night
trying to hold on but there is nothing anymore,
not family, not friends, not even the one you clain to love
it all feels so dull
is it because you feel assolated?
because you know nobody
or because the one you love has change you for someone else?
what hurts you so deeply? what makes you bleed?
she stairs back at me
tears rolling down from her eyes
but my words have no sound
she holds a knife so tight
she want to hurt herself
she is never enough, is always like that
she wants to punish herself.....
to make it all go away
she wants cuts her wrist again
please someone tell her to stop! ! !
i reach to stop her
the mirr is so call and my hand cant reach her
who are you?
i dont reconize myself anymore
i fall to the floor and the knife fall next to me
i cant do this anymore
and a rain of acid tears fall from her...my face
who are you? bkuz this cant be me

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