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I close the door
As I walk away
There is no going back
There is not a second chance in the past

I will never forget the pain
you broke my heart and step on it like if it was nothing
I used to smile to life
used to believed in love

when i take the mask off my face
when my face is for a second there an open book
what did you see? ?
can you see the girl inside me

Words can’t express
How I’m feeling inside
Took all my courage
To talk to you

Can’t keep my head in track
When you are close
But …
I can’t find my self if you are far

Don’t let go
Even if there is no us
There is still hope
And to hope is that I hold on

The future is unpredictable
I had it all plan
I had more than less right
But now things changed

As the time begins to fade away
And the death melody plays
I can see the deep blue of this thunder
So remember me

I step in the cliff
I had always be afraid of been there
You love let me on the edge
And you left me behind

who is the girl?
i dont know her anymore
she is playing with all and yet with nothing
she smiles to them but cries everytime she writes 'dear diary'

you come close to me
you know i used to like you
you know i did cry when you choose her and not me...
so long ago but now

sometimes i come back to reality
or so i though
i had to say somethig that is killing me inside
this feeling that...makes me afraid

I feel lost
Lost no matter what I do
No matter how hard I try
I fall in a river of thoughts


Its suns sets
The tears fall
My heart still broken
Can’t see the end of this day


i wish i knew
whats go in on in your head
but much more in your heart
sometimes i feel you like me

once again
so deep in thoughs
i lost my self
i was thinkig back

im so tired of this
yet i have to pretend
smile and say is okay
act happy n smile

let the rain fall
let my heart beat
let the rain wach all my pain away
now with the sky crying on me

is happening again
watching my past repit again
it catn help invited me in
and watch over again

is happenign again
i can feel it
he doesnt like me
i shouldnt cry

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call me Ely. im 17 years old, live in CA im a senior, love writting poetry, drawing (pencil) and soon enough i will b learing to paint which i think will be intresting. love rain, cloudy days.)

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Alone But Not Lonely

I close the door
As I walk away
There is no going back
There is not a second chance in the past
I pack my memories in a book
And carry on with my pain
There is no such thing as happy ever after
I walk alone but not lonely leaving rain drops
At my path
I won’ stop today
If I stop walking, I will look back
And it will rain again
As the ghosts that hunt me raise from there graves to open an old wound
And I will bleed to death
I walk alone but not lonely
I carryon my empty heart
All the memories that didn’t fit in a book
Because when the link starts to fade away
My memories won’t …
I look a the gray sky and smile
Good-bye to the past as I move on
To the unknown

summer of 2009

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