Salleh Chowdhury

Why? - Poem by Salleh Chowdhury

Why are we forever asking why?
Why are there no justifications for what happens in Iraq and Palestine?
Why is it that these kids can't sleep, so they scream at night?
But their screams are drowned out by political lies.
There is no one to protect them from the horror movie that is their life,
Now you close your eyes and try to picture a sight, where your dads on the floor with three bullets in his head, shot dead,
by a pack of hungry henchmen,
that work for terrorists just like the ones they themselves condemn,
That's kind of hypocritical, and the situation in Gaza, that's gone way beyond political,
I believe in peace and I don't mean to be sceptical,
but the world is a witness to every atrocious act by the state of Israel,
we need to look at ourselves and dropp the denial,
Muslims are dying whilst others build buildings as high as the sky,
Almost as though they are trying to reach the gates of heaven,
It is shameful, for they are wrong and mistaken,
Allah has given them riches in abundance,
Yet still nobody feeds the poor,
We still blame the west for the wars,
We do not realise that judgment day is so close,
That we need to let the Love from our hearts pour,
Let's not be so gullible, to those who believe Obama stands for peace,
The wars in the middle east are yet to cease,
We need to act and stop merely using our jaws,
More often than not, there is always a cure,
It lies in us being honest, pious and pure.
Right now we're stuck in the ocean and the tides against us all,
we need to be true and we'll all make it to the shore.
the human race needs to wake up and start offering more.
Are we so naive to believe, that in spite of all the genocide and war crimes,
Anyone that opposes Israel is an Anti-Semite?
We all believe in the sanctity of life, and fundamental human rights,
And The day Arab and Jewish kids play together on the West Bank will be a beautiful sight,
but until that day, they are forever in our prayers, Viva Palestine.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 19, 2012

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