Why Me? Poem by Moffat Thepoet

Why Me?

Rating: 1.0

Everytime I want to fight, I fight a losing battle
My heart has unhealed wounds, my mind is sick
My body is weak
My spirit is willing to fight, but I don't have the right
I thought my heart was stolen or taken but it's just confusion
See I need to find the solution before I lose my connection

I thought maybe if I try one more time it can work out
But I didn't know that the road to happiness I missed out
I spent days, weeks and months creating a bond that only lasted for seconds
I went against all odds to make it happen but I guess it wasn't my season

I have every reason to be hurt each season
I know the pain I feel now there's a good reason
The people Piercing my heart, there's a solution
I can't say am strong enough to let go
Because I watched my dreams and goals drown away
I just stood there doing nothing but let them go

Why did you made me fall for you when you knew you were taken
Why did you act like you care when you could resist my stare
I was blinded by the glare of your eyesight
Now am blind, you've taken away the light
That leadeth to my destination.

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