Why My Soul Hates, Poem by maxpoet beauty

Why My Soul Hates,

Why my soul hate's,
My soul hates more and more,
Since it can be glad or sad any time,
I don't know how this world revolve's,
BUt I know anything can happen to your soul,
EVen if blessed upon the Space ship,
Anything can happen see,
This soul is not mine,
It belong's to the good work's for God,
THis soul really hate's,
Can embrace any spirit without my awareness,
I plan and it never come's the way it was planned,

Why it hates is immeasurable with no meaning,
WE don't know anything,
This world is our's,
But my soul hate's because it is never satisfied,
It is greedy to receive praise from the masses of men,
Just like I child I keep crying on time and value,
Since I keep on crying with time,
I toss this and say that my nerve's hast never heard enough,
Why my soul hate's is not my worth to lie,
This world is not our's in hatred,
But to love is from our soul's,
In the Spiritual Realm I cannot see that from the masses,
All I see is hate and lies,
THese foolish hate's in reality,
Whilst they all deny it that they really hated on us,
Even our achievements.


a lot of thoughts and questions put into this poem great work...

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