Keli Mims

Rookie (9/6/94 / Flint, MI)

Why Oh Why Have You Come Here? - Poem by Keli Mims

'Why oh why have you come here? '
He asked as he stared me down,
'I followed her from yonder there, '
I spoke reflecting his burning gaze,
'What beast would bring you to hell? '
He asked wallowing in pure hate,
'She said I'd find you her, I thought her well, '
He looked at me with eyes of pity,

'Oh I came for you my love, for you, '
I spoke to soothe his anger,
'I know you know not what you do,
to fall for the lies of a beast, '
He sounded angry but I could feel love,
'What have I done? ' I asked,
'No one can save you not an angel from above, '

'Forgive me my love, forgive me, '
He took in my plea and spoke,
'Please try to escape try to flea, '
His words pained my heart so,

'My love this place is a hell beyond hell, '
'Anywhere is hell without you there, '
'But oh the stories the beast tell-'
I broke his sentence with a kiss,

'Our love can survive, ' I told him,
'But this place we are in is hell,
A hell so blind and filled with sin, '
I see he has lost hope for me,

Just then then the beastcame upon us,
With the face of a woman yet hideous,
She spit with the hate of our lust,
'Your life is now done with woman, '

'Why must her life be done? '
'Because your love is hideous,
even for this hell it must be gone, '

'I beg you let him go free, '
My plea barely phased her,
As I droped down on my knee,
As the light hit her face,
I saw a beauty I had yet to see,
The hideous face was yet a mask,
She was more beautiful that he,
'You're beautiful than most find,
Your face like the midnight stars,
And thier reflection on the water, '
She took steps back a far,

'My young one your lover may go free,
But I need you here for my own sake, '
At this he spoke 'I need her with me,
I cannot let her go again,
I fought to hard not to lose her to,
To take me away from her-'
I broke off his speach of love so true,

'She needs me here so I'll stay here,
I shall not walk from her side,
My love I love you more than life,
So please leave, go and hide,
Remember my love you're woth more,
more than my own life, '

The stars you see of Virgo the Virgin,
Is in the glory for the life she gave all for him,
She now has the love of him with her,
For she paid the price of his sins,
The perfect woman is she who sees,
Beauty in the most hideous to others,
The Virgo who gave her life to a beast,
Because of her love and pity,
Of the most beautiful woman not the least.

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